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Meet Haven, a high school sophomore who says that SpringBoard has helped her gain skills that will be useful in college and beyond.


SpringBoard national demonstration schools are schools that we’ve judged to be particularly effective at using SpringBoard—so much so that they serve as model sites. Tour a demonstration school and experience firsthand how the program is bringing new energy to real-life classrooms in Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.



Scottsdale Unified School District


Mountainside Middle School
Grades 6–8

Top 3 Student Demographics  
Caucasian: 87%
Hispanic/Latino: 9%
Other: 4%

SpringBoard success

About the school: Mountainside Middle School is a comprehensive middle school in Scottsdale, Ariz., serving grades 6-8.

The school’s SpringBoard experience: Since implementation, the school has maintained growth in test scores. School leaders credit SpringBoard with creating a culture of high expectations in all its ELA classrooms, as well as providing a common language and practice for ELA instruction.


ABC Unified School District


Tetzlaff Academy Middle School
Grades 6–8
ELA and Math

Top 3 Student Demographics
Hispanic: 43%
Asian: 26%
Filipino: 11%

SpringBoard success

About the school: Tetzlaff is a magnet middle school in Los Angeles County that uses SpringBoard ELA and Math as its core instructional program.

The school’s SpringBoard experience: School leaders say SpringBoard has been a major factor in raising student achievement in all demographic groups. Data from California’s Academic Performance Index (API) reports show Tetzlaff Middle School gained more than 60 points on its API score since SpringBoard was introduced.


Hillsborough County Public Schools


Bloomingdale High School
Grades 9–12

Martinez Middle School
Grades 6–8

Strawberry Crest High School
Grades 9–12

Top 3 Student Demographics  
White: 34.9%
Hispanic: 34.5%
African American: 21%

SpringBoard success

About the district: Hillsborough County Public Schools in West-Central Florida is the eighth-largest school district in the nation. The district implemented SpringBoard Math and ELA in all its middle schools and high schools as part of an extensive college readiness initiative.

The district’s SpringBoard experience: Within three years of implementing the program, the district saw the number of AP® Exams taken by its students increase more than 100%, with a 57% increase in the number of scores of 3 or higher. During that same period, the percentage of students scoring at proficient levels on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in Reading and Mathematics increased at every grade level.


Miami Dade School District


Mater Academy Charter Middle School
Grades 6–8
ELA and Math

Top 3 Student Demographics  
Hispanic: 94%
African American: 4%
Other: 2%

SpringBoard success

About the district: Mater Academy is a charter middle (grades 6–8) and high school in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., which uses SpringBoard ELA and Math.

The district’s SpringBoard experience: According to school leaders, SpringBoard has helped improve test scores and prepare students for AP and honors courses. Since implementing SpringBoard, Mater Academy has seen the combined number of AP Exams and honors academic tests taken by its students double, as well as an increase in the college acceptance rate for its students.


Lafayette Parish School System


L.J. Alleman Fine Arts Magnet Academy
Grades 5-8

Top 3 Student Demographics  
Caucasian 67%
African American 30%
Hispanic 2%

SpringBoard success

About the School: L.J. Alleman Fine Arts Magnet Academy prepares students for academic success and instills characteristics of attitude, respect, tolerance and self-discipline. The school is one of the highest performing middle schools in the district, and it prides itself on academic growth as well as an emphasis on the arts amidst a diverse population of learners.

The school’s SpringBoard Experience: According to district and school leaders, SpringBoard supports the district’s mission as well as the Louisiana state standards to prepare all students to be lifelong learners who continue to strive for academic excellence, enriched by the arts.  L.J. Alleman Fine Arts Magnet Academy has maintained an “A” school rating in the midst of implementing rigorous standards and piloting the online state testing platform.  Springboard has been an essential piece driving Alleman’s continued high level of success in an ever-changing education environment.


Clark County School District


Cashman Middle School
Grades 6–8

Top 3 Student Demographics
Hispanic: 61.6%
White: 14.8%
African American: 8.6%

SpringBoard success

About the school: Cashman is a middle school (grades 6–8) in Las Vegas, Nev., that uses SpringBoard ELA.

The school’s SpringBoard experience: School leaders say the SpringBoard program has raised the skill levels of nonproficient students and supported the continued growth of proficient students. Since implementation, the school has seen a 30% increase in the number of students who qualify for elite magnet schools throughout Clark County.


Quakertown Community School District


Strayer Middle School
Grades 6–8

Top 3 Student Demographics
White: 83.5%
Hispanic: 7.5%
Multiracial: 3.3%

SpringBoard success

About the district: Quakertown Community School District contains six elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school.

The district’s SpringBoard experience: According to district leaders, SpringBoard supports the district’s mission encouraging students to be lifelong learners who pursue academic excellence.


Burnet Consolidated Independent School District


Burnet Middle School
Grades 6–8

Top 3 Student Demographics
Caucasian: 65%
Hispanic/Latino: 31%
Other: 4%

SpringBoard success

About the school: Burnet Middle School is a rural middle school in Central Texas that uses SpringBoard ELA as its primary curriculum.

The school’s SpringBoard experience: Within the first three years of implementing SpringBoard, the school saw major growth in student performance in the classroom as well as on state testing. Teachers also say they notice a decrease in student behavior problems because the SpringBoard lessons are so engaging.


Bellevue School District

Tillicum Middle School
Grades 6-8

Top 3 Student Demographics  
White: 55%
Asian: 21%
Latinx: 13%

SpringBoard success

About the school: Tillicum Middle School is a comprehensive school in Bellevue, Washington that serves grades 6th to 8th. Tillicum and the Bellevue School District as a whole implemented SpringBoard ELA in all of the middle schools to teach the skills and cognitive habits that will prepare all students for Advanced Placement and beyond.

The school’s SpringBoard experience: The SpringBoard curriculum aligns well with the district mission of preparing all students with an exemplary education so that they can succeed in college, career, and life. With the implementation of SpringBoard the number of students who take AP courses, take the AP exam, and pass the AP exam have all increased and continue to increase. Students consistently report being highly prepared for the rigor in high school English courses and all AP courses.


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Success stories: Making a real difference

The level of energy that SpringBoard generates in the classroom has helped raised student achievement in several key areas. These schools and districts found that SpringBoard gets results. Read about them and review the data.

  • Tetzlaff Middle School, California

    SpringBoard raised student achievement for all demographic groups at Tetzlaff Middle School, which earned a California Distinguished School Award in 2013.

    PDF Document 164.27 KB

  • Charles County School District, Maryland

    After two years of implementation, test results in English and math suggest that SpringBoard is having a substantial impact in improving student performance.

    PDF Document 267.45 KB

  • Cleveland Middle School, New Mexico

    By the third year of SpringBoard implementation, students in Cleveland Middle School consistently outpaced district results in both English and math.

    PDF Document 186.58 KB

  • IDEA Public Charter School Network, Texas

    Students scored above state averages on the STAAR test in year three of SpringBoard implementation.

    PDF Document 169.33 KB

  • Hillsborough Country Public Schools, Florida

    SpringBoard contributed to gains in the number of students meeting or exceeding proficiency on state tests, taking AP Exams, and earning passing AP Exam scores.

    PDF Document 162.86 KB

  • Bellevue School District, Washington

    Four years after SpringBoard was implemented, the district has seen gains in reading and writing scores on state exams.

    PDF Document 144.31 KB

  • Orange Public Schools, Florida

    Students in SpringBoard middle schools made greater gains on state test scores than students at schools where SpringBoard was not implemented.

    PDF Document 146.51 KB




Teachers of Distinction: Celebrating those who inspire

The SpringBoard Teacher of Distinction award is given to passionate educators whose work exemplifies the core principles of the SpringBoard program. These teachers have inspired a love for learning in their students and they have become distinguished leaders in their schools.


Currently teaching: 9th Grade Pre-AP English 1

Favorite SpringBoard unit: Poetry (Unit 3). We go so much deeper than learning the functions of poetic device. We explore poetry in all forms by studying the works of others and extend that learning to break down song lyrics and make personal text-to-self reflections. The culminating event is the students creating their own Poetry Anthology books where they showcase their own original poetry through rhyme, ode, sonnet, free verse and illustration. The final products created and submitted by a large majority of the students are nothing short of breathtaking!

Why John loves SpringBoard: I love that SpringBoard pushes students to collaborate and explore the “Why?” of everything. These young men and women have distinct and passionate voices that allow them to create beautiful work if they are encouraged and inspired to do so. SpringBoard allows me to differentiate my lessons to ensure I meet the learning needs of all of my students!

John's passion: After retiring from a 20-year career as an Active Duty Air Force Officer, I committed myself to a profession that makes a difference in the lives of others—and my return to public education has been nothing short of joyful! I pour my heart and soul into my craft, my lessons, and my students—and they respond by recharging me through their growth and discovery. I leave work every day knowing I have inspired young men and women to be their very best and that they have come nowhere close to unlocking their potential—and there aren’t too many professions out there that allow that reciprocal level of love to exist. My students make me a better educator, mentor, and person!

Currently Teaching: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Bilingual/Advanced ELA and ELA Department Head

Favorite SpringBoard unit: My favorite SpringBoard unit is Unit 1 of the 8th grade curriculum, The Challenge of Heroism. Watching the process of the students connecting the Hero’s Journey to their own lives and understanding that art imitates life through the activities of this unit is an existential experience for both myself as the teacher and the students. The deep connection that it brings through literature is a great way to start the school year and keep students engaged in Language Arts.

Why Amanda loves SpringBoard: There are many things to love about SpringBoard including the backwards design of the curriculum which allows students to see where they are headed and understand how all of the activities fit together like pieces of a puzzle, building up to the Embedded Assessments. The collaboration that SpringBoard provides for students to work with and learn from one another allows for opportunities for flexible grouping, pairs, jigsaws, literature circles, etc. where students can synergize to meet the learning targets. The strategies are another aspect of SpringBoard that I love as they lend themselves to promote autonomy within each student to take ownership over their own learning.

Amanda's passion: My passion is helping students to realize and grow to reach their potential. I want students to become productive citizens who contribute their qualities for the better good of their community. I hope to inspire them and help them build the foundation to have the courage and skills necessary to be the best versions of themselves as possible.

Currently Teaching: English 1

Favorite SpringBoard unit: While I enjoy teaching all the units for different reasons, I believe my favorite is teaching the analysis of style through the medium of Tim Burton’s films. I believe this unit is a beautiful scaffold for two reasons. First, it help students discover what style is, what it looks like, and how to define it. Second, I use this unit to help students learn to write while removing the reading obstacle. As my students are all at the bottom of the reading ladder, this unit helps them feel successful in a skill that challenges them when paired with on-grade level texts.

Why Sylvia loves SpringBoard: I love that SpringBoard is an instructional framework and that it provides all the ancillary resources I could need. I love that it has authors from all colors and creeds. I love that while I still must purposefully plan, I know that I can use SpringBoard as a platform for my standards-based planning, instruction, and assessment.

Sylvia’s passion: My passion is pursuing that moment when “it clicks.” This year, my students did not do well on their semester exam writing despite all our work. As I reflected (and then asked), I realized my students all wrote based the habits of the last time they felt successful in writing – elementary school. So from January to FSA (high-stakes writing assessment), I provided mini-writing writing assessments with the different aspects of writing. When they wrote for the FSA, I saw in their planning sheets (as I collected the secure documents) evidence of the new habit. That’s my passion – students learning!

Currently Teaching: Pre-AP English 11 and AP Language and Composition

Favorite SpringBoard unit: Without a doubt, 11th grade - Unit 4: The Pursuit of Happiness is my favorite unit because it’s all about the students and who they are as people. As they read Into the Wild, they get to juxtapose their lives, their journeys, their beliefs with those of Chris McCandless. As they explore the transcendental ideas of Emerson and Thoreau, they ask themselves what they believe and why they believe it. Ultimately, my favorite part is the personal essay where they reflect on their own journey in life.

Why Karen loves SpringBoard: I love the texts. I love the primary source documents and the classic literature, and the depth of activities offered to explore ideas. Not only does the curriculum itself offer brilliant overviews of the units, provide activities to differentiate learning for all my kiddos, and reinforce the topics with relevant formative and summative assessments, but it allows me flexibility in planning and collaboration, in novels and process, and SB digital offers me a quick means of checking progress on a daily basis. It is clear. It is deep. It is relevant.

Karen's passion: My passion is changing lives, helping students to believe in themselves, their value, and all the possibilities ahead of them. All literature as about the human experience, and by helping them find the connection to their own lives, I get to see them become better people, who care about others, making positive changes in their community and their world. I love rhetoric and the writing process, so seeing them learn to express themselves with confidence is also very rewarding. I love my job!

Currently teaching: 10th grade English Language Arts

Favorite SpringBoard unit: It is difficult to pick just one unit as my favorite!  I love Unit 1 in SpringBoard ELA 10 where students read and write about Cultural Identity, but I guess my favorite unit would have to be SpringBoard ELA 10 Unit 2 where students write arguments on the issue of justice.

Why LeAnn loves SpringBoard: I love the backward design of SpringBoard. I love to unpack the Embedded Assessment with my students and help them discover the roadmap we will use to be successful with the end project. I also love that the SpringBoard texts are so rigorous and relevant to today’s students.

LeAnn's passion: My passion is helping all of my students be successful writers.

Currently teaching: 8th and 6th grade ELA

Favorite SpringBoard unit: Oh gosh! My favorite unit in Springboard for 8th grade is Unit 3. In this unit students learn about the past through the Holocaust. They learn what brought on this horrific event in our history and they discover what they can do today to make sure something like this never happens again. They then move to the second half of this unit where they get to actually make a change in their world. I love the progression of their learning, the reflection that takes place in this unit, and the action that is taken by the end of the unit. I feel like in this unit the students really mature and by the end they are prepared to go on to High School.

Why Sarah loves SpringBoard: I love the backwards design aspect. When I was going through classes to obtain my Masters Degree, a classmate chose to do her research presentation on backwards design. Since then, I was intrigued by what this was. In using Springboard, I am able to facilitate my students in participating in backwards design. I also love the way that Springboard allows creativity and flexibility within the lessons and units. I teach at an Arts Academy and we try to implement the Arts as much as possible in our lessons. This curriculum allows this seamlessly. The last aspect of Springboard that I love is the rigor and relevance of each activity. The activities pull the students in deeper and make them really think about what they are doing and learning. This is where the students are able to truly grasp and remember what they are learning.

Sarah's passion: My passion is to help my students fall in love with whatever they are learning. This is done through giving them the outlet to discuss and explore, to research and question, and to create and present what they have learned. I love to see my students leading their discussions and naturally using speaking and listening strategies on their own. I love when they are questioning what they learn because they truly care. I am passionate about teaching and helping others, as well, because that ultimately helps more students be impacted in a positive way!

Currently teaching: Sixth-grade ELA; also serves as English department head 

Favorite SpringBoard unit: I have taught all middle school grades (6–8) of the SpringBoard curriculum, and my favorite unit is the novel study. I love exploring themes with students and encouraging deep thinking. I enjoy listening to their reactions and observations and the real-life connections that they make while reading the novel. The Embedded Assessments require them to make meaningful observations and support them with commentary, which is such a valuable skill. My students become thinkers instead of just readers.

Why Karen loves SpringBoard: I love using SpringBoard Digital! There are so many useful features in the digital textbook, such as the drop-down menu that lets me quickly see and assess student work. I can do quick checks of student understanding and then project student work to the class.

Karen's passion: How far I have come with the SpringBoard curriculum. I’ve gone from, “There’s no way I can teach all of this!” and “This is too hard for my students!” to “I’ve got this down now” and “Wow! Look at what they have accomplished!” I am confident using the curriculum now. That said, I am excited about the constant changes and improvements being made to the textbook and digital platform.

SpringBoard encourages students to take a more active role in their learning. And it creates an environment in which they can thrive. So, students become more involved, more interested in what they’re being taught, and feel more ready for college-level work. Students from around the country are talking about how much they like the SpringBoard approach to teaching.

Here are some of their stories.