Benefits of SpringBoard Mathematics

SpringBoard Math engages students with real-world connections and flexible instruction.

Builds Core Knowledge and Skills

SpringBoard Mathematics supports students as they build the core mathematical knowledge and critical-thinking skills they’ll need for success in Pre-AP and AP courses, on the SAT, in college, and beyond.


SpringBoard is fully aligned with the instructional principles of Pre-AP: (1) close observation and analysis; (2) higher-order questioning; (3) evidence-based writing; and (4) academic conversation.


Connections to AP are built into all SpringBoard materials, and every instructional unit calls out how it specifically supports students as they develop the skills they’ll need to succeed in AP.

SAT Suite of Assessments

SpringBoard Mathematics focuses on building a strong foundation for students that will prepare them to do well on the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT.

Offers Flexible Instruction

SpringBoard provides robust supports for teachers, allowing them to customize any lesson so it fits their teaching style and meets the needs of their students.


Supports Remote Learning

SpringBoard Digital’s interactive math activities and tools allow students to learn anywhere on their digital device. Regardless of where the instruction takes place, students increase their understanding of algebra, geometry, number concepts, and probability and statistics.

Remote Learning

Free Sample Activities

We offer a wide array of sample activities and lessons taken directly from SpringBoard instructional materials that teachers can download and try out in the classroom.