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Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition gives teachers powerful tools for lesson planning, assessment, and communicating with students.

Anytime, Anywhere

Springboard Digital is always accessible. You can use it while on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or interactive whiteboard.

Student Edition

Students don’t just read the material, they engage with it—responding to prompts, taking online assessments, and marking up text.

Online Community

SpringBoard connects educators with a peer-to-peer online learning community. Teachers share best practices, tips, and user-created content with a supportive network of their peers.

Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard gives you greater control over your curriculum. You can access the digital Teacher Edition along with integrated tools that give you student progress reports instantly and that offer students real-time feedback. You can also administer and evaluate assessments, save grades in your grade book, and create portfolios of student work.

Planning and Differentiating Instruction

SpringBoard Digital makes it easy to plan lessons and adjust instruction for the needs of your students.

Teacher Wrap

The Teacher Wrap tool highlights the appropriate standards for each lesson. This tool also provides suggestions for materials and pacing and guidelines for assessing learning. You can edit and save the information in the Teacher Wrap to customize your experience.

Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner lets you create customized lessons; assign specific activities to classes, groups, or individual students; and communicate due dates and other expectations.

Standards Alignment

SpringBoard instruction is fully aligned with state standards. As you move through a unit, you’ll see the standards that each lesson and activity addresses. You can also use the correlations viewer to see a list of the lessons and activities that are aligned with a particular standard. Then you can navigate directly to a lesson or activity on the list and see exactly where the standard is addressed.

Interactive Tools for Students

SpringBoard Digital is available online 24/7; students can work at school, at home, or on the go. And the Student Edition engages students with interactive tools, such as sticky notes, highlighting, and one-click definitions. Math students can use the Desmos graphing calculator, GeoGebra dynamic software, algebra tiles, and more.

Learning Strategies

Students can respond to prompts in the material and click on a learning strategy to see its definition and purpose.

Learning Targets

Students view learning targets—standards explained in student-friendly language—at the beginning of each lesson.

Class Notebook

All of a student’s responses, notes, and interactions are saved in their personal class notebook—a searchable record that students can access and add to year after year.

Additional Support

Explore these added resources for SpringBoard Digital—some are free with the program and some can be purchased.

Revision Assistant

Turnitin Revision Assistant is an online tool that gives students automated essay feedback based on rubrics linked to SpringBoard Embedded Assessments. Students get instant, prompt-specific feedback on drafts; teachers can view each draft of a student essay and see the feedback and how the student rewrote in response to it. This gives the teacher insight on student progress and helps them identify trends in student writing.

ELA Resources

Math Resources

  • Reproducible math manipulatives
  • Mini-lessons
  • Blackline Masters
  • Additional unit practice
  • Parent letters