Close Reading Workshops

Learn how SpringBoard's Close Reading Workshops help students strengthen their reading skills.

Designed to supplement the ELA curriculum or be used on their own, Close Reading Workshops help students develop a skill essential to succeeding in state assessments, AP, college, and careers.

Why It Helps

Students learn the strategies they need to pay more attention to detail, grasp more meaning, and build content knowledge—benefitting not only ELA but all their other studies.

How It Works

Each grade level has six workshops, and each of those workshops focuses on a different type of text. Both fiction and nonfiction are included, so students practice a range of reading skills.

Within a workshop, multiple readings center around a theme, such as “Literary Nonfiction,” “Argumentative Texts,” or “Shakespeare.” As the workshop progresses, students move from teacher-guided reading to collaborative reading with peers and then to independent analysis.

At the end of each workshop, an assessment—which you can assign as an individual, small group, or whole-class activity—checks students’ understanding of the texts and their ability to synthesize information.