Language Workshops

SpringBoard Language Workshops help students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In addition to the supports built into our core curriculum, Language Workshops give English language learners and struggling readers the grade-level practice they need to develop language proficiency.

Why It Helps

Each Language Workshop corresponds to half of a SpringBoard ELA unit, giving struggling readers a chance for the extra practice they need to build their academic language skills while not falling behind their peers.

How It Works

Every Language Workshop moves through these stages:

  • Reading the text
  • Practicing vocabulary
  • Use of close reading strategies
  • Academic collaboration
  • Language checkpoints
  • Collaborative assessment

Built-in rubrics allow you to pinpoint student progress on the English Language Development continuum—making it easier to identify improvements and adapt instruction as you go.


Can these workshops function as freestanding units?

Not really. Language Workshops are designed to go hand in hand with our ELA curriculum materials. They offer grade-level instruction intended as extra help for students who are still building academic language.

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Are translations included?

Yes. Each Language Workshop offers 2 key activities that are available with full student-facing translations in Spanish: this includes the key ELA text along with activities built around academic collaboration.

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Do Language Workshops duplicate the support in ELA units?

No. Although all SpringBoard ELA units include suggestions for differentiated instruction for English learners and progressing readers, these Language Workshops are intended to support for the ELA unit with activities that build language proficiency and embedded assessments that are modified to be collaborative.

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Can these workshops be taught in any order?

No. Although units in the ELA curriculum can be taught on a flexible schedule, each Language Workshop should be taught with its corresponding ELA unit. The activities within each workshop are designed to be used flexibly as teachers see fit.

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