Writing Workshops

SpringBoard's Writing Workshops help students develop the ability to write fluently in different genres.

Designed to supplement the ELA curriculum or be used on their own, Writing Workshops help students hone a skill essential to college and career readiness.

Why It Helps

Learning to express themselves in modes ranging from argumentative text to poetry, students develop the ability to write fluently in different genres while also learning to use research, evaluate evidence, and support arguments—skills essential to college and career readiness.

How It Works

Each grade level has 10 workshops and each of those focuses on a particular type of writing—such as expository, narrative, or argumentative—then gives students targeted strategies, grammar, and practice exercises to help them master that genre.

Students begin with shared reading of a model text. Then they analyze writing techniques and grammar, before moving on to drafting, writing, and revising in groups. Finally, they do independent work that draws on techniques learned in the previous steps.


Do I need special training to conduct Writing Workshops?

No. The Teacher Edition of each unit is rich with resources including background information, suggested activities, and embedded assessments. However, if you decide to pursue specialized professional development, SpringBoard offers options ranging from online learning to in-person workshops.

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Can Writing Workshops be taught in any order?

Yes. Workshops can be taught in the order that works best for your students and your school. You can teach elements of a workshop as a single, 45-minute lessons, or teach the entire workshop of 10 activities as a weeklong minicourse.

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