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Language Workshops deliver grade-level ELA content and tasks through the lens of developing students’ academic language skills. Every activity in every workshop gives students an opportunity to listen, speak, read, and write at a level that can grow with them as they become more proficient in English.

Speaking and listening are essential skills for participating in a rigorous academic classroom. With integrated speaking and listening opportunities, English language learners can learn the academic language they need to succeed.

Quick Facts

  • Each Language Workshop corresponds to half of an ELA unit.
  • Language Workshops have the same Embedded Assessments as ELA, but the assessments are modified to be collaborative.
  • Every Language Workshop activity has explicit guidance about where it fits best in the sequence of ELA instruction.
  • Familiar teacher edition features streamline the planning process, including a Plan-Teach-Assess-Adapt instructional sequence.
  • The Assess section of the instructional sequence gives teachers a rubric for formative assessment during each activity. This allows them to pinpoint students’ progress on the English Language Development (ELD) continuum and better adapt instruction.

Workshop Design

The Language Workshops focus on developing academic language around a key text from the ELA materials.

SpringBoard Language Workshop

For example, in grade 8, students read “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” in the first half of Unit 1 and in Language Workshop 1A, Activity 5.

Each workshop includes seven recurring activities that let students practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The workshops provide scaffolded instruction around high-quality literary, informational, and argumentative texts for students to analyze, enjoy, and appreciate. Integrated speaking and listening opportunities allow English language learners to use the academic language they need to succeed. And with the scaffolded approach to writing, they’re able to demonstrate their understanding of those texts and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly and cohesively.

Teacher Support

As with every SpringBoard course, teacher support is embedded in the teacher edition of each Language Workshop. Examples of the guidance teachers will see include the Plan-Teach-Assess-Adapt model, Teacher to Teacher, and Leveled Differentiated Instruction callouts. The workshops also include a robust variety of tools and resources specifically designed for English language development to help teachers offer substantial, moderate, or light support to students, depending on their individual needs.

Get Samples

Go to Sample Activities to download samples that you can use in your classroom.