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ELA Resources

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The flipbooks linked below contain sample units or partial units from SpringBoard English Language Arts Teacher Editions. Explore them to get a closer look at the SpringBoard curriculum, resources, and strategies.

On this page, you can access PDFs of SpringBoard workshops and activities that you can download, print, and try out in your classroom.

ELA Activities: Grade 6, Close Reading Workshop 6—STEM Documents

Students engage in guided, collaborative, and independent reading of three thematically related texts focusing on topics in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

Download Close Reading Workshop 6 (.pdf/1.9 MB) 

ELA Activities: Grade 7, Writing Workshop 2—Argumentative Writing

Students analyze a model text to learn how to write a well-crafted and well-supported argumentative essay.

Download Writing Workshop 2, Grade 7 (.pdf/416 KB)

ELA Sample: Grade 8, Unit 4—The Challenge of Comedy

Explore Unit 4, in which students write an expository essay analyzing a humorous text and read and perform scenes from a Shakespeare comedy.

View the Grade 8 sample unit

ELA Activity: Grade 8, Unit 4, Activity 4.5—Finding Truth in Comedy

Students read a humorous essay and think about how people use comedy to discuss serious or important topics.

Download Activity 4.5 (.pdf/1.4 MB)

ELA Sample: Grade 10, Unit 4—Cultural Conversations

Explore Unit 4, in which students read a wide range of texts from different cultural backgrounds that they can connect to their own lives.

View the Grade 10 sample unit

ELA Activity: Grade 10, Unit 1, Activity 1.6—Two Perspectives on Cultural Identity

Students analyze different types of media—a film clip, a biography, a painting, and a poem—to better understand cultural identity.

Download Activity 1.6 (.pdf/5.8 MB)

ELA Activities: Grade 11, Writing Workshop 2—Argumentative Writing

Students analyze a model text to learn how to write a more advanced argumentative essay.

Download Writing Workshop 2, Grade 11 (.pdf/735 KB)

ELA Activities: Grade 12, Close Reading Workshop 1—Nonfiction

Students develop close reading skills through guided and independent practice with three thematically related nonfiction texts.

Download Close Reading Workshop 1 (.pdf/3.3 MB)