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Every grade-level course in SpringBoard ELA involves an in-depth study of one novel and one play, with an emphasis on close reading and literary analysis. SpringBoard selects specific texts for study but also allows teachers to choose their own texts that they know will work for their students.

Every course is divided into four units that can be completed over a full school year. Each grade-level course features instruction built around full-length texts including novels and dramas, with a variety of text types in every unit.


As in AP course frameworks, SpringBoard instruction is organized into four phases: Plan, Teach, Assess, and Adapt.

Plan: Support for planning your lessons is offered at the beginning of each unit and throughout each activity.

Teach: As you guide your students through the activities, you’ll find features that help students engage with and master the content.

Assess: Each unit is built around performance-based Embedded Assessments designed to measure student mastery of skills and knowledge. There are also other opportunities for you to check progress in each unit.

Adapt: You may adjust instruction in response to the work your students produce.

Get Samples

Go to Sample Activities to download samples of Close Reading Workshops that you can use in your classroom.