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Zinc Learning Labs

This online independent-reading platform offers a wide range of supplemental fiction and nonfiction texts—all specifically chosen to use with SpringBoard ELA.

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All SpringBoard users have access to Zinc Learning Labs, where teachers and students can find a huge library of supplemental reading material chosen specifically to align with the SpringBoard English Language Arts curriculum.

Zinc offers students:

  • Fresh and engaging nonfiction and fiction content for independent reading.
  • Interactive games, quizzes, and tasks that build skills and confidence.
  • Freedom of choice: Zinc's massive and ever-growing library means that all students should find texts they want to read.

Zinc offers teachers:

  • Alignment to SpringBoard unit themes: Teachers browse by unit to find companion articles to the texts they're using in class. Teachers can then assign the articles to the class.
  • Standards alignment: Quiz questions are aligned with state standards so teachers can easily target specific areas.
  • An easy way to find the content they need: Teachers (and students) can filter articles and vocabulary sets by level, length, topic, reading skills, and state standards.
  • Detailed reporting based on results of Zinc's auto-graded quizzes.