SpringBoard ELA: Empowering Teachers with Flexible Supports

The SpringBoard 6—12 ELA curriculum puts students in charge of what they learn and gives teachers the resources to meet student needs.


SpringBoard is designed to allow teachers to personalize instruction for their students. Because of its flexible design and rich library of tools and resources, SpringBoard helps teachers customize instruction.

Instructional Pathways

Teachers can build a customized pathway through each unit that delivers the support and practice students need most:

English Language Arts Pathway

Student-centered activities gradually develop the skills and knowledge needed for the Embedded Assessments and are aligned to grade-level standards.

Language Development Pathway

Linguistically accommodated activities advance students' English language proficiency for academic discussions and provide foundational language skills support.

Flexible Pathways

Flexible activities from the SpringBoard Close Reading and Writing Workshops that enable teachers to extend, support, or customize instruction.

Digital Supports

Turnitin Revision Assistant

SpringBoard is proud to partner with Turnitin Revision Assistant to provide students with customized, online support for writing. This online tool gives instant feedback to students as they write so they can polish their draft and practice their revision skills before teachers see it, reducing the instructional burden.

Zinc Learning Labs

All SpringBoard students and teachers have access to Zinc Learning Labs. Zinc is designed to further inspire a love of reading. Zinc’s online tools and supports align with SpringBoard units and state standards, while making lessons fun and engaging. Students have access to a rich, diverse digital selection of independent reading materials, as well as vocabulary games to help students develop skills and build confidence.

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