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Math Benefits and Features

SpringBoard Math gives you student-centered instruction, classroom-proven resources, and lessons and assessments aligned with standards.

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SpringBoard Mathematics encourages students to take charge of their learning, supports teachers with useful resources, and gets students ready for state assessments, college entrance exams, and college-level work.

Based on the Understanding by Design model, SpringBoard Math offers an instructional pathway built around embedded assessments that are mapped to AP and college readiness standards.

Learn more about SpringBoard Math's instructional design.

Alignment to Standards, AP, and the SAT

SpringBoard Math instruction is based on college and career readiness content and practice standards.

Each activity is clearly labeled in the Teacher Edition with the content and practice standards it addresses. In SpringBoard Digital, teachers can use the Correlations Viewer to search by standard for the lessons and activities that address it. Learning Targets in the Student Edition present the standards in student-friendly language.

SpringBoard Math is also aligned with AP course content as well as the skills and knowledge that the SAT assesses.

Active Learning

A focus on active learning is one of the most important features of SpringBoard. In SpringBoard Math classrooms, students participate in class discussions and collaborate to solve problems and justify solutions. Activities may call for using collaborative strategies such as Think-Pair-Share, Jigsaw, and Debriefing. Embedded Assessments may require group presentations.


The real-world contexts of the math problems also engage students. And the suggested Learning Strategies given for each lesson help students take control of their own learning by identifying which strategies work best for them.


Resources with Purpose

SpringBoard Math instructional materials are designed to support all students, including English language learners and other special populations. The Teacher Editions supply suggestions for adapting lessons for these learners at point of use.

The scaffolded design of the activities means that students build knowledge throughout the course and year after year, developing new understanding on the foundations they’ve already established.

SpringBoard Digital offers students powerful math tools, including the Desmos graphing calculator, GeoGebra dynamic mathematics applications, and other virtual manipulatives.

These supplements to the core instructional materials will help you adapt and expand your instruction:

  • Getting Ready Practice pages support students who need more practice with unit-specific, foundational math skills and concepts before starting the unit. The pages provide worked-out examples and practice problems.
  • Mini-Lessons can be used within a SpringBoard lesson to support students in a quick recall of previously learned mathematics skills and concepts.
  • Additional Unit Practice provides additional problems for each activity and lesson.