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Math Resources

Get SpringBoard Math samples and related resources here.

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The flipbooks below contain sample units from SpringBoard Mathematics Teacher Editions. Explore them to get a closer look at the SpringBoard curriculum, resources, and strategies.

On this page, you can also access PDFs of SpringBoard workshops and activities that you can download, print, and try out in your classroom. 

Math Sample: Grade 7, Course 2, Unit 3—Ratio and Proportion

Explore Unit 3, in which students use ratios and proportions to analyze financial transactions, calculate the dimensions of a soccer field, and create scale drawings of real-world structures.

View the Grade 7 sample unit

Math: Grade 8, Course 3, Activity 9—Writing Expressions

Students identify and represent patterns using models, tables, and expressions, and write and evaluate algebraic expressions that represent patterns with constant differences. During the activity, students discuss the concepts with a partner, in groups, and with the entire class. This download includes the teacher instructions and the student handout.

Download Activity 9 (.pdf/3.9 MB)

Math: Grade 8, Course 3, Activity 11—Exploring Slope

Students apply mathematical practice standards to explain proportional and nonproportional relationships involving slope. This download includes the teacher instructions, the student handout, and a supplemental mini-lesson.

Download Activity 11 (.pdf/5.8 MB)

Math Sample: Algebra 1, Unit 2—Functions

Explore Unit 2, in which students use functions to analyze roller coasters, cell phone rates, and a falling object. They also participate in a science experiment.

View the Algebra 1 sample unit