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Desmos Classroom Activities are digital experiences that help students learn algebra, geometry, and advanced mathematics through modeling and use of multiple representations.

Their design encourages a social and creative environment where students discuss math concepts with their peers, giving them practice in crafting, justifying, and critiquing arguments and explanations.

How the Activities Work

  1. The teacher selects and assigns an appropriate activity.

The activities align with specific lessons in SpringBoard Math.

  1. Students use SpringBoard Digital to work through the activity collaboratively.

Students work in pairs or small groups on the digital platform to work toward solutions for the challenging problems presented in the activity.

The interactive experience encourages academic conversation within their pairs or small groups. They see what their responses mean and can make appropriate adjustments.

  1. The teacher monitors student progress and pauses for discussion as needed.

The teacher can track student progress on a real-time dashboard, looking at the work of individual or groups of students or the entire class. They can pause the activity at any time to bring students back together for a whole-class discussion.


Desmos functionality. The activities leverage the instructional power of the Desmos graphing calculator, which is built into SpringBoard Digital.

Teacher support. Each activity comes with a Teacher Guide to help you plan with purpose, as well as tools such as “Teacher Pacing” and “Pause Class,” which let you control how the class moves through the activity.