SpringBoard ELA: Providing Meaningful Supports to Build Student Capacity

Supports Students at All Levels

The SpringBoard Program is built around the belief that all students can experience success with complex texts and challenging coursework when provided with meaningful, appropriate supports. SpringBoard provides a robust suite of tools and resources to help teachers offer substantial, moderate, or light support to students depending on their individual needs.

Diverse group of students walking on street


A rich library of tools, resources, and supports lets teachers adapt their instruction for all students, including those who need extra support, those who are still learning English, and those who are ready to go further.

Leveled Differentiated Instruction

Throughout the activities in the SpringBoard Program, teachers will find Leveled Differentiated Instruction features that offer suggestions for scaffolding the challenging tasks of the activity.

Instructional Supports for Differentiation

Graphic organizers and English language development strategies are available to help scaffold instruction. These resources can be used flexibly to support English language learners and students who are struggling with a task.

Language Workshops

Language Workshops focus on the skills students need most when building academic language proficiency. Activities are designed to provide a range of supports built on research-based practices for language learners and emerging readers, which can be added and removed as students build skills.

Results That Matter

SpringBoard Schools See AP Increases

SpringBoard schools showed statistically significant increases in access to AP with no loss of performance.

Growth Among Hispanic Students in AP Courses

Hispanic students enrolled in AP courses experienced greater growth than their non-SpringBoard peers.

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