SpringBoard ELA: Preparing All Students for College and Beyond

Equitable Access

All students deserve the opportunity to find success in grade-level work, including groups that have been underrepresented in AP and college classrooms. So we’ve designed SpringBoard, an instructional program for grades 6—12 in English Language Arts, with materials to meet a variety of student needs while maintaining grade-level expectations.

Meaningful and Appropriate Supports

SpringBoard is committed to providing students with the chance to excel through equitable preparation, access, and support. With embedded supports, as well as a robust system of workshops and online tools, such as Zinc Learning Labs and Turnitin Revision Assistant, teachers have the flexibility to customize the curriculum to help students succeed.

Advancing Student Learning Through On-level Instruction

SpringBoard is a carefully scaffolded curriculum that gives teachers the tools to address rigor, ensuring that all students can achieve their highest potential. Here’s how our program accomplishes that:

Building Knowledge

It’s important for students to read engaging, grade-level texts as a path to acquiring knowledge. Students will think, write, and speak to build understanding and skills that lead to complex, independent thinking.

Instructional Support

Teachers should be able to easily access, plan, and implement strong instruction and engaging materials. Our materials offer a robust library of resources, tools, and supports so teachers can deliver strong grade-level instruction, while also supporting the needs of a variety of students.

Text Quality and Standards

We believe in engaging students with high-quality texts that are grade appropriate and relevant. Our design and approach make for standards-aligned instruction that’s challenging and complex yet also builds confidence in students’ literacy skills over the course of the year. Students engage in a variety of tasks and activities that are pedagogically sound.

Backed by Research

Data shows that SpringBoard improves classroom engagement and college readiness. A nationwide study found that, when schools used SpringBoard, students received higher SAT scores and took more AP courses and exams. SpringBoard helps more students succeed.

Professional Learning

We know teachers thrive when they are supported, can share what they know, and fulfill their calling. That’s why partnership—with teachers, as well as administrators and school districts—is key to SpringBoard. Led by master SpringBoard teachers, high-quality professional learning is available online, anytime, anywhere, or in person to prepare instructors and administrators with insight, expertise, and first-hand experiences. It’s hands-on, interactive, and designed to foster strong instruction by making teachers confident in their ability to make the most of SpringBoard.

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