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Professional Learning

SpringBoard provides a professional learning system for every stage of implementation.

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We want to help you make SpringBoard a success in your school or district. So from the start, we work with your staff. We make sure your teachers know how to make the most of the program—and have the guidance they need to keep developing their skills.

That means ongoing training and support for teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators at every stage of implementation, through our professional learning system.

How It Works

Our comprehensive offerings include multiday, face-to-face workshops and events for SpringBoard teachers; special-focus workshops; targeted training for instructional coaches; on-site observation and feedback; and online professional learning options.

Support for Each Role

Our professional learning system features three tiers of instruction that align to different levels of SpringBoard experience. Each tier contains offerings for each of our three audiences: teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches. The tiers are:




Here are just some of our professional learning offerings.

Initial Teacher Institute: This three-day training gives new SpringBoard English Language Arts or Mathematics teachers everything they need to start using the program effectively.

Examining Student Work: In this one-day training, teachers learn to collaborate in grade-level teams to examine student work and identify trends that inform instruction.

Differentiating Instruction: In this one-day training, teachers explore the SpringBoard program's resources for differentiating instruction and learn how to use them to address the needs of English language learners, special education students, and gifted and talented students.

Initial Administrator Workshop: In this half-day workshop, administrators and district leaders learn how to monitor SpringBoard implementation and what an effective implementation looks like.

Learning Walks: This service brings SpringBoard experts to schools to observe classrooms, monitor progress, and offer schoolwide recommendations for improvement. These visiting experts are committed to your schools' success and give you informed, useful feedback. Administrators consistently rate Learning Walks as one of their most valuable professional learning experiences.

Connecting and Empowering Teachers

Taught by Teachers

SpringBoard institutes, events, and workshops are led by SpringBoard National Faculty—master SpringBoard teachers who share their expertise and firsthand experiences.

Interactive and Immersive

Attendees take an active part in professional learning. The facilitators model instruction, and participants learn from the student perspective to apply the program's instructional design in the classroom.

A Chance to Share Knowledge

Professional learning events are opportunities for SpringBoard teachers to learn from their colleagues as they master the program's methodologies, content, and implementation models. The hands-on, collaborative activities encourage teachers to engage with one another.

SpringBoard Online Community

SpringBoard Community, the official online meeting place for SpringBoard educators, is a parallel resource to our professional learning. It's a digital space where you can connect with peers and mentors for support and collaboration. Visit the community to:

  • Share best practices, ideas, and tips.
  • Get feedback from experienced SpringBoard teachers.
  • See recommendations and reviews of resources.
  • Find resources and documents created by your peers—or upload your own.
  • Watch video modules to support professional learning.

E-Learning Modules

SpringBoard users can access free e-Learning modules through SpringBoard Digital that complement our in-person professional learning offerings.

What Teachers Are Saying

"Thinking back to my first experience—and again as a middle school teacher—it built my content knowledge, and I became incredibly confident about what I was doing in teaching rigor and what that looked like at my level."

—Teacher, Washington

"One of the most powerful aspects of a SpringBoard training is that the people who are facilitating the training are SpringBoard teachers who know what it is like to teach SpringBoard every day to students."

—Teacher, North Carolina

"It's really neat to watch how teachers grow within a week or within the three days that we offer training, but then [also] as the years progress. That it's not just a one-shot deal, that this is really a growth process that can help teachers to grow over a period of time."

—Teacher, Florida

"SpringBoard was the most important single professional development experience I ever had because it's real, it's hands-on. You're engaging with colleagues, you're building a shared knowledge."

—Teacher, Colorado