Professional Learning

Learn about targeted, ongoing professional learning opportunities for all SpringBoard users.

Support for Multiple Audiences

Teacher Institutes and Workshops teach the skills needed to use SpringBoard resources to support students in achieving success with college and career readiness standards.

Instructional Coaches Institutes teach the skills needed to support effective planning, coach instructional practices, mentor teachers, and develop job-embedded learning opportunities so that teachers’ capacity grows with the program.

Administrator Workshops introduce significant instructional elements and help administrators with effective program planning and monitoring.

Here are some examples of our professional learning offerings:

Initial Administrator Workshop: Administrators and district leaders learn how to effectively implement SpringBoard throughout their school(s).

Initial Teacher Institute: New SpringBoard English Language Arts or Mathematics teachers gain the information and skills they need to start using the program effectively in their classrooms.

Collaboratively Examining Student Work: SpringBoard teachers work together in grade-level or course-level teams to examine student work, come to a consensus on performance expectations, and identify trends that inform instruction.

Differentiating Instruction: Teachers explore how to use SpringBoard resources to adjust the process, content, and product to support and extend student learning.

Learning Walks: This service brings SpringBoard experts to schools to support a deeper understanding of SpringBoard elements through classroom observation.

Connecting the SAT to Classroom Practice

We also offer a targeted workshop to support educators in helping students prepare for the SAT. In this workshop, educators will:

  • Learn how the SAT is tied to their current coursework
  • Understand the skills students need to succeed on the SAT
  • Discover how to incorporate classroom practices that increase critical thinking skills
  • Get tips on using Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy in the classroom
  • Develop a plan of instruction that focuses on promoting student growth and success on the SAT

This workshop is available to both SpringBoard users and districts not currently using SpringBoard.