Remote Classroom

Supports Remote Classrooms

SpringBoard Digital takes advantage of technology to allow teachers to teach—and students to learn—at home, in the classroom, or anywhere they have access to a mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or interactive whiteboard.


Gives Teachers Flexibility

Both the Mathematics and ELA versions of SpringBoard Digital feature customizable “Teacher Wraps” in every course eBook. This feature allows teachers to edit the instructional guidance of any lesson so it fits their teaching style and meets the needs of their students.

Engages Students with Digital Tools

Turnitin Revision Assistant

This online tool gives students instant, actionable feedback as they write essays. This empowers them to practice their editing skills before handing in the assignment.

Zinc Learning Labs

This digital library offers an ever-growing selection of texts on a wide range of topics. Students have the freedom to choose what to read independently, using materials that are aligned to SpringBoard ELA and state standards.

Desmos Classroom Activities

These activities align with specific SpringBoard Math lessons and encourage students to work collaboratively online to find solutions to challenging math problems.