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Once you create a class roster, you can add or remove students, make assignments, and generate digital reports. 

  1. Log in to your account at your district’s custom SpringBoard Digital URL and click Class Roster at the top right of your navigation bar.
    The navigation bar will always be at the top of your screen, so you’ll always have quick access to your class roster.
  2. Click Create Class and enter your class information.
    You’ll be asked to enter your class name, class subject (English language arts or mathematics), class period, and the start and end dates of the class. All information is required except for class period, which is optional.
  3. Click the Create class button to the right of your screen.
    Your class will now appear whenever you click Class Roster at the top of your screen, and you’ll be able to add instructional products (eBooks) and students.
  4. Add SpringBoard instructional products (eBooks) to your class.
    After clicking Class Roster, click the name of your class. Then click the text box under Add Products and check the boxes next to the products you’d like to add. Then click the Add selected products button to the right of your screen. Students enrolled in this class will see the materials you add to the class here.
  5. Add students to your class.
    After clicking Class Roster, click the name of your class and copy the six-digit class access code. Give this code to your students so they can use it to register for SpringBoard Digital. If a student already has an account but needs to join your class, they should log in, click “Join a Class” in the dropdown menu, and enter the class access code here. They’ll then be automatically added to your class roster.


How do I remove a student from a class roster?

After clicking Class Roster, always located at the top of your screen, select the class you’d like to edit. Scroll down until you find the name of the student you want to remove, then click the X to the far right of their name.

This will remove the student from this particular class but won’t delete their SBD account.

Why don’t my students see the right materials for my class ?

Students will see all the materials you add to their class. Review step 4 above and make sure you’ve assigned the correct eBooks to each of your classes.

Why does my student’s name show up multiple times in my class roster?

Students often create a new account when they can’t remember their passwords, which results in their name appearing more than once in your class roster. Advise them to reset their password instead of creating a multiple accounts. You can remove duplicate accounts from your class roster.