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Each SpringBoard Digital activity quiz includes two or three multiple-choice questions that assess whether the student has learned the knowledge and skill that the activity supports. Teachers decide which quizzes to assign, and when to assign them, so they can monitor student understanding and adjust their instruction, if necessary, based on student performance. 

Unit Assessments have more questions than activity quizzes and are aligned to the standards and the Embedded Assessment in each half unit of the SpringBoard course. Each assessment includes questions modeled on the types of questions students will encounter on state assessments and the SAT. 

To view Assessments, click the Assessments tab in the top navigation bar near the top of your screen.

After clicking on the Assessment tab, you’ll see a list of all end-of-unit assessments and activity quizzes available for the course you’ve selected. 

To sort the list by a particular category, click on any of the column titles on the page: Assessments, Answer Key, Format, and Source.

To preview assessments, click the assessment title. A popup will open giving you the option to get info, preview, or share to Google Classroom.

Click preview to open the assessment preview in a separate tab.

Click get info to get some basic information about the assessment, such as the number of questions on the assessment and which standards the assessment addresses.

Teachers can share assessment links with students through Add to Clipboard or Share to Google Classroom.

Assign by Share to Google Classroom

SpringBoard Digital supports sharing assessments through Google Classroom, and integrating with Schoology and Canvas. To assign assessments using Google Classroom, first you need to set up those classes.

  1. To share an assessment, click on its title. A popup will open; click on Share to Google Classroom.
  2. Select your class from the first dropdown, click Create assignment, then click 

Note: Students will not be able to remove or edit their attachment once submitted within SpringBoard Digital. When students submit an assessment, they must both submit their work in SpringBoard Digital and “Mark as done” or “Turn it in” in Google Classroom.  Using the same naming conventions as the SpringBoard Digital class allows for easier navigation between both applications.

Assign Assessments through Add to Clipboard

Add to clipboard functionality provides a shareable link to access assessments, which can be used with any Learning Management System (LMS). This will allow teachers to provide links to SpringBoard Digital content from their chosen application to students rostered in their classes.

  1. To share SpringBoard content to any application, first make sure you’ve selected the appropriate Class and Program you want to share.
  2. Navigate to the Assessments tab and choose the appropriate assessment.
  3. Click Add to Clipboard in the menu. A pop-up success message will appear: Copying to clipboard was successful!
  4. Paste the link in an application of your choosing with students rostered in your class.

Note: Add to Clipboard links cannot be accessed by students not rostered in the class where the link was generated.

My student can’t access the Add to Clipboard link?
Make sure students are rostered in your class in order to access Add to Clipboard links.