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There are four different SpringBoard Digital (SBD) user roles: three professional roles, and one role for students. Each role meets the needs of the specific user.

To create your SBD account, reach out to your SpringBoard Coordinator or SBD technical support analyst for the access code that corresponds to your role. Students can register or enroll in classes with “class access codes” provided by their teachers. If your district uses Clever or ClassLink for onboarding, teachers and students won’t need access codes because the accounts and rosters will be automatically set up by the district IT department.

Role 1: Teacher

The Teacher role is for classroom teachers who interact with students by assigning work, grading assignments, and customizing instruction. Teachers can give students access to their class by creating a new class and providing the class access code to students, or by showing students how to log in through Clever or ClassLink.

Role 2: Instructional Coach

The Instructional Coach role is for staff who support classroom teachers, as well as other school leaders who need to access SBD content and demonstrate the Teacher functionality for training purposes.

This role isn’t intended for any staff member who has classes or students. 

Role 3: Administrator (District and School)

The Administrator role is for superintendents, principals, curriculum specialists, and other instructional/administrative staff who need access to SBD content and who may need to view detailed student performance trend information across classes and schools within a district.

Administrators may have district-level access, or access to one or more schools within a district. Administrators don’t have access to classroom-level functionality (e.g., assigning activities to students), so this role isn’t intended for any staff member who has current classes of students.

Role 4: Student

The Student role is for all SpringBoard students who will access instructional materials and complete assignments and assessments. New SpringBoard students can register with the class access code provided by their teacher; they can also log in through Clever or ClassLink. Once students create accounts, they can join new classes from within the account instead of registering multiple times.

SBD Features Available to Each User
Feature Student Teacher Instructional Coach Administrator

Landing Page

Course E-books

Teacher Resources




Progress Reports

Professional Learning


Class Rostering



Instructional Coach Access



Administrator Access