Benefits of SpringBoard ELA

Developed by teachers for teachers, SpringBoard offers student-centered instruction, classroom-tested resources, and lessons and assessments aligned with standards.

Highly Rated, Independently Reviewed

The SpringBoard 2021 ELA program received the highest ratings in an independent, teacher-led evaluation by EdReports, the highly respected nonprofit dedicated to improving K–12 education.

Ed Reports

Supports Students at All Levels

SpringBoard’s robust suite of tools, resources, and supports help teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students—including English language learners, students who need more help, and students who are ready for more challenges. Each Teacher Edition features “leveled differentiated instruction” callouts that provide tips for adjusting lessons for various student groups. Language Workshops are dedicated to building academic language proficiency in all students, including English language learners.

SpringBoard Digital ELA

SpringBoard Digital is an interactive program that provides always-available online content that’s accessible from any device—mobile, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or interactive whiteboard.

Facilitates Teaching

Teachers can create customizable lesson plans and progress reports, communicate with students individually or as a group, assign and grade tasks and assessments, and easily see how each lesson correlates to specific standards.

Engages Students

The student edition of SpringBoard Digital ELA allows students to interact with the text, respond to prompts, take assessments, and engage with a dynamic suite of tools, including Turnitin Revision Assistant and Zinc Learning Labs.


Preparation for College and Career

The SpringBoard ELA curriculum develops real-world skills that will help students become successful in college—and beyond.

Backed by Research

We conducted studies to make sure that SpringBoard ELA content for grades 6–12 includes direct instruction and assessments of the knowledge and skills measured by the SAT Suite of Assessments.

Gets Students on Track Early

When students participate in SpringBoard as early as sixth grade, they have plenty of time to build a strong academic foundation, strengthen their skills, and set themselves up for future success.

Supports College Readiness

SpringBoard ELA fully supports students on the path to college because its curriculum is aligned with the SAT Suite—which measures the skills and knowledge that are essential for college success.

Free Sample Activities

We offer a wide array of sample activities and lessons taken directly from SpringBoard instructional materials that teachers can download and try out in the classroom.