High School Math: Traditional Pathway

Learn how math courses are structured in SpringBoard Math's traditional pathway.

In this student-centered math curriculum, SpringBoard follows the traditional high school pathway by teaching algebra and geometry as separate courses.

Why It Helps

In a curriculum that meets and exceeds state standards, these courses support students as they build the math skills they’ll need to succeed in AP, state assessments, college, and careers.

How It Works

Algebra 1 students learn to:

  • Understand the properties of real numbers
  • Formalize the language of functions
  • Explore functions numerically, graphically, analytically, and verbally
  • Write expressions, equations, and inequalities from physical models
  • Use technology to discover relationships, test inferences, and solve problems
  • Communicate their understanding of mathematics formally and informally

Geometry students learn to:

  • Solve right triangle and trigonometric functions
  • Develop formulas to determine the volume of rotational solids, solids with known cross sections, and area beneath a curve
  • Explain their work clearly so that their reasoning process can be followed from start to finish

Algebra 2 students learn to:

  • Develop the algebra of functions through operations, composition, and inverses
  • Analyze situations involving exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Work with functions graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally
  • Learn optimization problems
  • Compare the relative rate of change of linear and exponential functions
  • Learn the concept of an infinite sum as a limit of partial sums
  • Work with statistics in numerical summaries and calculations using the normal, curve, and the modeling of data

Precalculus students learn to:

  • Gain an introductory understanding of convergence and divergence
  • Collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from data
  • Solve problems dealing with polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions
  • Model motion with parametric equations and vectors
  • Develop an understanding of limits and continuity
  • Justify their reasoning verbally, in writing, and with models
  • Use technology to explore and support theories


Will SpringBoard’s Traditional Pathway give my students adequate preparation for precalculus?

Yes. SpringBoard high school math is designed so that both the traditional and the integrated pathways prepare students for Precalculus. Fourth-year precalculus is the same course in both pathways.

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Does SpringBoard Math’s Traditional High School Pathway meet my state standards?

Yes. We designed all SpringBoard math curricula to align with state standards and give students the skills they need to succeed in high-stakes state assessments.

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