Middle School Math

Discover what middle school students will learn when they take SpringBoard Math courses.

Through exposure to rigorous math content, students begin developing the critical thinking skills needed to analyze, solve, and explain complex problems.

Why It Helps

Right from the start—as early as grade 6—students begin applying mathematical thinking to real-world situations, gaining skills that will later help them succeed in algebra, geometry, and beyond.

How It Works

Each unit contains:

  • Suggested learning strategies
  • Reading Math and Writing Math callouts
  • Discussion Group Tips to encourage collaboration
  • “Mini-lessons” that review prior concepts
  • Additional practice that can be used as homework
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Differentiated instruction—so both struggling and advanced students always have the support they need

Grade 6 students learn to:

  • Model functions in numbers, equations, tables, and graphs
  • Communicate math verbally, with the ability to justify answers and clearly label charts and graphs
  • Read and represent data in a variety of forms
  • Use multiple representations to communicate math concepts

Grade 7 students learn to:

  • Acquire an understanding of functions in the context of algebra and graphs
  • Write, solve, and graph linear equations, recognize, and verbalize patterns, and model slope as a rate of change
  • Communicate problem-solving methods and interpret results clearly
  • Investigate concepts presented visually and verbally

Grade 8 students learn to:

  • Write algebraic models from a variety of physical, numeric, and verbal descriptions
  • Solve equations using a variety of methods
  • Justify answers using precise mathematical language
  • Relate constant rate of change to verbal, physical, and algebraic models
  • Use technology to solve problems
  • Reinforce and extend the vocabulary of probability and statistics


Do students have to begin the program in Grade 6?

No. Although the program is vertically aligned so that each course reinforces the math concepts already learned, students can begin the coursework at any time and still benefit.

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Is SpringBoard Math aligned with my state standards?

Yes. We designed the SpringBoard math curriculum to align with state standards and give students the skills they need to succeed in high-stakes state assessments. In many cases, we offer curriculum materials customized to specific state requirements.

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