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This online tool gives instant feedback to students as they write so they can polish their draft and practice their revision skills before you see it.

When you assign an available Embedded Assessment to students through SpringBoard Digital, students are able to use a tool called Turnitin Revision Assistant as they draft.

Revision Assistant offers students:

  • A template to help them create an outline.
  • Actionable, instant feedback in specific areas such as structure, use of language, and ideas.
  • Identification of strengths and weakness in their writing.

Teachers can access the drafts that students improved with Revision Assistant and see the feedback, which lets them:

  • Gain insight to student progress over time.
  • Use feedback in student writing conferences.
  • Identify trends in student writing to inform instruction.

Revision Assistant is designed to use with SpringBoard ELA Embedded Assessments: The feedback model it uses is based on scoring by SpringBoard teachers, and it’s trained to assess the same rubric areas that they assess.