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In grades 6, 7, and 8, SpringBoard Math students learn and practice the critical thinking skills needed to analyze, solve, and explain complex math problems and to be successful in Algebra and Geometry followed by Advanced Placement classes and beyond.

Course 1 (Grade 6)

Course 1 students learn to:

  • Model functions in numerical, symbolic (equation), table, and graphical forms.
  • Communicate mathematics verbally and in writing, justifying answers and clearly labeling charts and graphs.
  • Explore and represent data in a variety of forms.
  • Use multiple representations to communicate their understanding of a math concept.

Course 2 (Grade 7)

Course 2 students continue to:

  • Acquire an understanding of functions—in the context of algebra and graphs.
  • Write, solve, and graph linear equations; recognize and verbalize patterns; and model slope as a rate of change.
  • Communicate problem-solving methods and interpret results clearly.
  • Investigate concepts presented visually and verbally

Course 3 (Grade 8)

Course 3 students extend their knowledge by:

  • Writing algebraic models from a variety of physical, numeric, and verbal descriptions.
  • Solving equations using a variety of methods.
  • Justifying answers using precise mathematical language.
  • Relating constant rate of change to verbal, physical, and algebraic models.
  • Using technology to solve problems.
  • Reinforcing and extending the vocabulary of probability and statistics

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