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Download and print these PDFs of SpringBoard activities and lessons to try out in your classroom.

Texas Math Sample: Grade 7, Course 2, Unit 3—Ratio and Proportion

Explore Unit 3, in which students use ratios and proportions to analyze financial transactions, calculate the dimensions of a soccer field, and create scale drawings of real-world structures.

View the sample Grade 7 unit

Texas Math Sample: Algebra 1, Unit 2, Activity 10

Explore an activity in which students solve problems by gathering real-world data, recording results in tables, and representing results with graphs. They also write function equations and learn to write and use inverse functions.

View the sample Algebra 1 activity

Texas Math Sample: Geometry, Unit 2, Activity 11

View an activity in which students explore congruence using a transformational approach, investigate triangle congruence criteria, write proofs for each triangle congruence criterion, and apply congruence criteria in real-world contexts.

View the sample Geometry activity

Texas Math Sample: Algebra 2, Unit 2, Activity 10

View an activity in which students explore the relationship between the equation of a parabola and a quadratic function.

View the sample Algebra 2 activity

Texas Math Sample: Precalculus, Unit 4, Activity 25

Explore an activity in which students discover mathematical relationships and use the law of sines including cross-curricular connections between math and to aviation.

View the sample Precalculus activity