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Download and print these PDFs of SpringBoard activities and lessons to try out in your classroom.

Texas Math Sample: Course 1, Unit 4, Activity 17—Understanding Ratios

Explore an activity in which students use models to build conceptual understanding of ratios and apply that understanding to proportional relationships in tabular and graphical representations.

View the sample Course 1 activity

Texas Math Sample: Course 2, Unit 3, Activity 8—Ratio and Proportion

Explore Unit 3, in which students use ratios and proportions to analyze financial transactions, calculate the dimensions of a soccer field, and create scale drawings of real-world structures.

View the sample Course 2 activity

Texas Math Sample: Course 3, Unit 2, Activity 9—Writing Expressions

Students identify and represent patterns using models, tables, and expressions, and write and evaluate algebraic expressions that represent patterns with constant differences. During the activity, students discuss the concepts with a partner, in groups, and with the entire class. This download includes the teacher instructions and the student handout.

View the sample Course 3 activity

Texas Math Sample: Algebra 1, Unit 2, Activity 10—Linear Models

Explore an activity in which students solve problems by gathering real-world data, recording results in tables, and representing results with graphs. They also write function equations and learn to write and use inverse functions.

View the sample Algebra 1 activity

Texas Math Sample: Geometry, Unit 2, Activity 11—Congruence Transformations and Triangle Congruence

Explore an activity in which students explore congruence using a transformational approach, investigate triangle congruence criteria, write proofs for each triangle congruence criterion, and apply congruence criteria in real-world contexts.

View the sample Geometry activity

Texas Math Sample: Algebra 2, Unit 2, Activity 10—Writing Quadratic Equations

Explore an activity in which students explore the relationship between the equation of a parabola and a quadratic function.

View the sample Algebra 2 activity

Texas Math Sample: Precalculus, Unit 4, Activity 25—The Law of Sines

Explore an activity in which students discover mathematical relationships and use the law of sines including cross-curricular connections between math and to aviation.

View the sample Precalculus activity