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Every course in the SpringBoard Mathematics Program is organized into 6–7 coherent units that each focus on a mathematical concept.

Every unit contains multiple activities, and each activity is made up of one or more class-length lessons.


As in AP course frameworks, SpringBoard instruction is organized into four phases: Plan, Teach, Assess, and Adapt.

Plan: Support for planning your lessons is offered at the beginning of each unit and throughout each lesson of every activity.

Teach: As you guide your students through the activities and lessons, you’ll find features that help students engage with and master the content.

Assess: Each unit is built around performance-based Embedded Assessments designed to measure student mastery of skills and knowledge, and includes other opportunities for you to check progress.

Adapt: You may adjust instruction in response to the work your students produce.

Get Samples

Go to Sample Activities to download samples that you can use in your classroom.