Reading and Writing Workshops

SpringBoard ELA Workshops help develop reading, writing, and academic proficiency in all students to address learning gaps and stem learning loss. Use them in small groups or with your whole class to boost reading and writing skills.

Close Reading Workshops

Helping students at all proficiency levels regularly practice the skill of close reading is among the biggest challenges teachers face. Close Reading Workshops help engage students with complex texts. There are six workshops in each grade level, each focusing on a different type of fiction or nonfiction text, including STEM, History, and Social Sciences.

Building Independence

Gradual release model

Close Reading Workshops help students develop essential reading skills and strategies. Instruction starts with teacher-guided reading, moves to collaborative work, and then allows students to apply what they have learned in independent practice.

Deliberate practice

To understand and appreciate the texts, students analyze the way authors use language and employ close-reading strategies, including vocabulary analysis, marking the text, questioning the text, and rereading.  

Multiple applications

Close Reading Workshops can be used with small groups or the whole class, and as a response to intervention based on student performance. A single workshop can be completed in 4-8 days, giving powerful focus without derailing instruction.

Writing Workshops

SpringBoard Writing Workshops are designed to help students develop the grammatical, rhetorical, and structural skills they need to communicate effectively. There are 10 workshops per grade level, and each is an effective resource for students, actively engaging them in the writing process. 

Inspiring Students

Building a strong foundation

Students move from a shared reading and constructing texts as a class with direct teacher guidance to drafting, writing, and revising in groups with teacher support. Finally, they write independently, drawing on techniques they’ve learned. 

Mastering the genre

The workshops feature targeted strategies, as well as grammar and practice exercises to help students become more competent in nine modes of writing, including expository, narrative, and argumentative.

Addressing gaps

The workshops are powerful support for students who received less writing instruction, given the lack of face-to-face time, constraints of digital teaching, and loss of overall instructional time.

SpringBoard Digital Resources

The purchase of workshops includes access to a number of benefits.

SpringBoard Digital

A powerful, interactive platform that provides always-available online content accessible from any device, which gives teachers and students easy-to-use digital tools that help create an effective and engaging learning experience.

Zinc Learning Labs

A digital library that offers a diverse, ever-growing selection of texts on a wide range of topics.

Professional Learning

Includes free, self-paced e-learning module to help teachers get started.  

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