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Educators gain insights into improvements in SpringBoard Digital's Progress Reports, including new reports that isolate Unit Assessment Student Performance Data from that of Activity and Lesson Quizzes.

Progress Reports Updates


SpringBoard Digital’s Progress Reports updates and improvements are underway, including a new report and some additional changes to note.

For all program end users:

  • The Unit Assessment Report is now two separate reports:
    • Unit Assessment Report - Available for completed End of Unit assessments
    • Activity Quizzes Report - Available for completed activity and lesson quizzes

Below, an example of the new Activity Quizzes Report for Activity Quiz 1.11 with filter settings:

For Math 2014/2015 © and ELA 2017/2018 © end users continue to have access to:

  • Assignment Progress Report
  • Standards Progress Report
  • Student Progress Report
  • Unit Assessment Report (Revised to include only end of unit assessments)
  • Activity Quizzes Report (New for lesson quizzes, short cycle quizzes)
  • Class Embedded Assessment Report
  • Student Embedded Assessment Report

For ELA 2020/2021 © end users have access to the following revised or new reports:

  • Google Classroom Reports (NEW - for eBook assignment work that is assigned and reviewed in Google; does not appear in SpringBoard Progress Reports module)
  • Unit Assessment Report (Revised to include only end of unit assessments)
  • Activity Quizzes Report (New)

Provides a collection of emerging shared supports for successful instruction and learning designed with your virtual classroom and distance learning in mind.

Supporting Virtual Classrooms and Students


The SpringBoard Program is closely monitoring the updates and guidance about the coronavirus (COVID-19) provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other leading health organizations. Our first concern is for the health and safety of students, their families, and their school communities.

To help schools and students, we’re focused on providing flexible and streamlined support for teachers who will be delivering virtual or distance learning experiences to students, many for the first time. Please visit and follow the Supporting Virtual Classrooms and Students space in the Community, under Implementation Support

Note: In order to access this subspace via this direct link, be sure to log into SBD and then the SpringBoard Community. You can also cut and paste the following link into your browser URL field after logging into the community: 

A screenshot indicating where to access the SpringBoard Community on your SpringBoard Digital dashboard:

A screenshot of the new Supporting Virtual Classrooms and Students space within the Implementation Support pulldown:

Students now have the flexibility to revise, edit, or delete their eBook response work.

Students Can Now Revise, Edit, or Delete eBook Responses


SpringBoard Digital’s new ebook programs (© 2020 and above) now offer students the ability to revise, edit, or delete their ebook responses.

SpringBoard Digital: How To Revise, Edit, or Delete eBook Responses (Student Experience)

1. Students click Edit to revise their responses.

2. Once students type revisions, they click Update.

3. Students Delete responses to start over.

4. Students confirm by clicking OK.

5. Students create new responses by clicking the “A” icon to launch the word processor.

Improved Math Curriculum Maps lead to better planning and execution of SpringBoard Math for educators and students.

SpringBoard Digital: Teacher Access to Improved Math Curriculum Maps


Teachers can now access improved SpringBoard Math Curriculum Maps. The release of the improved curriculum maps includes:

  • Clarification of how to launch a unit, beginning with the Unit Overview, moving to the optional Getting Ready Practices, and then Unpacking the Embedded Assessment
  • Updated pacing for the Unit Overview and Unpacking the Embedded Assessment
  • A short description that clarifies the use of Getting Ready Practices throughout a unit
  • New icons that distinguish Getting Ready Practices and Mini-Lessons
  • Unit summaries for the Grade 6 and Grade 7 Accelerated Pathways that list topics covered in the lessons and resources

To access this resource, go to Teacher Resources and filter by Category to display Curriculum Maps.

The first page of the Algebra 1 Curriculum Map, displaying the improved pacing and descriptions:

The Grade 6 Accelerated Pathway Curriculum Map, with the Accelerated Unit Summary: