SpringBoard Updates for 2021-22 School Year

SpringBoard strives to continually improve our program for teachers, students, and administrators. Below is a summary of the significant improvements that are available for the 2021-22 academic year.

SpringBoard Professional Learning

SpringBoard Professional Learning (located in SpringBoard Digital) has been updated to include:

  • Refreshed Teacher Modules
  • Summer Webinars
  • Leader Videos 

SpringBoard ELA

Open Response Items and Formative Lessons to accelerate learning: After an atypical school year, we know many students may enter your classrooms with gaps in their skills and knowledge. 

  • We’ve developed a scoring guide for select Open Response items to provide teachers with an opportunity to collect baseline data about students’ writing skills. These short writing tasks allow teachers to capture knowledge about their students’ writing skills in response to text. Find these on SpringBoard Digital under Teacher Resources.
  • Formative Lessons are designed to give specific, targeted support around formative assessment within a SpringBoard activity and can be used as a model for other lessons to keep learning targets at the center of instruction while being responsive to student needs. Find these on SpringBoard Digital under Teacher Resources.

Zinc Ignition: Whether SpringBoard students are reading on, above or below grade level, Zinc’s new Reading Ignition Unit gives them the skills instruction and practice to grow as readers. 

  1. First, students take a placement test that generates a customized learning path. 
  2. Then, they watch interactive videos to learn the 4 most important skills for understanding complex texts. 
  3. As students practice these skills, they level up to harder passages and questions. 
  4. Ignition ends with an assessment to measure student growth. 

Watch a quick introductory video to learn more.

SpringBoard Digital 

Help Support: Within SpringBoard Digital, you can now easily access support through our “Help” application. This allows you to easily access detailed instructions and videos in the SpringBoard Digital Support Guide. It also allows you to submit a support ticket directly to the SpringBoard Digital team, if you’re experiencing a technical issue. 

Access Code Visibility for Administrators: Administrators now have visibility into the current access codes for any role that isn’t auto-provisioned by Clever or ClassLink in a given district. This allows you to easily help your staff register for SpringBoard Digital accounts.  

Administrator Reports: Administrators will have access to improved standards reports and new usage reports over the fall and winter 2021. See what’s coming

Aggregated Response: This feature allows teachers to easily view all student responses to a question within a specific class. 

Class Roster: The new Class Roster interface is easier to navigate, and the eBooks are displayed in an organized list that shows the supplements nested under the core materials. 

LMS Enhancements: The SpringBoard Thin Common Cartridge (TCC) files have been revised to provide improved labeling and ordering, so it’s easier for districts to navigate the content. 

Teacher and Student Progress Reports: The refreshed teacher and student progress reports provide assessment data in a format that’s easy to navigate and interpret. 

Teacher Resources: The revised Teacher Resources experience makes it easier to find resources quickly and easily, with new filter and search tools.